Saturday, January 15, 2011

Is this a sandwich??

Warning: This blog is also about my encounters with food... good and BAD!
How can you go sooo-oooo wrong with a sandwich?? Well I found out the hard way, let me elaborate. Don't you just hate it when you order something and it's just not what you expected at all, well this has happened to me more times than I can count maybe that is why I like to cook so much and make things from scratch. That delightful 'sandwich' in the picture was actually being sold. I bought it in India a while back, can you believe they really sell something like that? I will not go into too much detail but that was not mayo...ugh! Bad bread, 1 cucumber, a tomato peel and a 'special' white sauce.
I was so offended that the next day (with only a few words of Hindi under my belt) I returned to the place and demanded my money back. The guy tried to say it was a mistake and that not all of his 'sandwiches' were like that so I naturally asked him to open up one from a stack behind him to prove it and he refused.... I got my money back, all 25 rupees - about 50 cents but it was the point, yay!
Before leaving, to never return to his 'establishment' I asked him what that white crap was and even he didn't know, he just said he bought barrels of it.... yuck. So if you ever think that you can't go wrong with a sandwich - think again! I had the taste of that white goop in my mouth for hours and as you can see I only had one bite.
They also have yet to master the art of good sandwich bread, it had the texture of a mix of sand and cardboard. I will say that a 'sandwich' isn't exactly what Indians eat so they have no idea how it should be... so my advice is to stick to what you know.
I normally wouldn't go and ask for my money back or be so uptight but this sandwich ordeal came one day after I found a roach in my veg fried rice and almost ate it (that is another fun story!) so let's just say I had had enough and my poor 'sandwich' guy was at the receiving end.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these stories - I'm glad you didn't eat the roach. Wasn't it supposed to be vegetable fried rice? I would have asked for my money back.