Friday, December 24, 2010

Lil Frank's Smothered in Coke

Although these aren't the ideal fancy Christmas appetizers if you do need a quick, delicious and easy appetizer for unexpected visitors this is a great last resort, kids and adults love these lil' franks. You really can't get much easier than this appetizer recipe, you will be amazed at how delicious and sticky these are. The sugar in the coke carmelizes onto the lil franks so you end up with a savory sweet appetizer - my favorite! Serve with some hot mustard on the side. Merry Christmas!!!

2 pkgs Lil Smokies
2 cans Regular Coke

1. In a heavy pot with a lid, add the 2 pkgs of Little Smokies. Pour the Coke over the Smokies and over medium heat, cook until the coke has reduced and thickened about 45-1 hour. Stirring frequently

Servings 6-8

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