Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hot Dogs or Shrimp???

No work on the day of the Lord so I will just leave you all with this impacting childhood anecdote that will forever be engrained in my brain. Like I said in my profile my parents did everything possible to teach us to eat everything. It was a very hard and painful lesson my sister and I had to learn.

On an innocent day we all sat down to a shrimp dinner ( I can't remember what exquisite way of preparation it was all I remember was that it was shrimp) I am sure my parents had been working away for hours in the kitchen preparing our feast.

My sister and I looked at each other and said shrimp again? I will never utter those words again - eat what you are served, smile and give thanks.

Our punishment was hot dogs for a week, at first we were so excited but a few days in we could not look at a hot dog without feeling sick but my parents stuck to their guns - a full 7 days of hot dogs by the end we were both begging for shrimp..please shrimp..... We learned our lesson!

Let me just ask, did you know fish had balls???? That was our first meal during a spring break vacation to the Amazon - salty fish balls??? What and Why??. I always wondered why we couldn't do what normal families did? Pack up the car and go to the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls or many of the other typical vacation spots. After the fact, it was a great trip (not for food that's for sure) but it was an incredible experience. Menu items: monkey....turtle.....oh so many more disturbing things..I was able to manage 3-4 days on only saltines...then they ran out :( I would do GREAT on Survivor! Chocolate covered ants...yummers!

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  1. I would so not last on survivor, so good for you. Growing up in my family, I had a father who was a member of the "clean plate club" still to this day I will find myself eating when I am not hungry any more, and I will have to remind myself it is ok to walk away. My dad use to always say "there are starving people in Ethiopia" my older sister would always respond, "so package up my leftovers and ship it to them dad". I am proud to say I don't make my own children "clean their plate" just eat what they want. Of course no dessert if they were too full for fruit or veggies. If I had to choose between hot dogs or shrimp for a week, I think I would go with shrimp. Funny you posted this, I just tricked my own family into trying Tofu Dogs for lunch for the first time. My husband said they were good, until he found out, then he changed his mind. lol