Friday, November 26, 2010

Colombia Is Passion...

While I am here I wanted to spotlight how beautiful and diverse this counrty is. I think it is safe to say that we all know what a bad reputation Colombia has, well if you are feeling adventurous on your next vacation give Colombia a try. It has something for everyone: deserts, beautiful ocean coastlines and secluded islands, the Amazon which now has a 5 star floating hotel, the mountains and much more... Just to be clear I am not being paid nor do I work for the tourism board lol. Check out this article to get more details....á-colombia

The altitude in Bogotá (8,622 feet above sea level) is a major problem if you want to cook, much less bake. You have to make major adjustments and still nothing is ever guaranteed. Everything takes twice as long to cook, it's getting the perfect combination that you strive for. The pressure cooker that has always scared me a little, is a necessity here, it cuts the cooking time for some things by hours.

The airport runways are longer (it seems like an eternity for a plane to lift off which is not pleasant when you know there are huge mountains right in front). Since the air is thinner, it's harder to breath and it does take a few days to acclimate but on the bright side if you play golf the balls go on forever...and ever...and makes you feel like a pro.

At an altitude with thinner air that includes less oxygen the human body reacts by raising the BMR (metabolism) between 6-28% in women and men....YAHOOO... I have already lost a few pounds despite pigging out but unfortunately it only lasts a few days and it all returns quickly as soon as you touch down in the States. It was good while it lasted....

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