Sunday, November 14, 2010

Perfect White Rice

I love rice and I eat it at least once a day - everyday. I mix it up a lot but I have to have rice in some form. I might add a bay or kaffir leaf during cooking, or a squeeze of lemon and might switch it up using vegetable broth instead of water or once cooked I might add shredded carrots, chopped parsley, raisins or almonds, just about anything - rice is very versatile (by versatile I mean what you can add to it, the cooking method has to be exact). I don't just eat plain white rice, I agree it doesn't taste like much, but if the main course is saucy that mixture with the rice is divine.

I don't buy into the whole 'cut the carbs' theory. It is customary in Colombia to eat a lot of rice so maybe I can tolerate carbs more than most - I spent most of my formative years there. I have brown rice occasionally, which is healthier but it's just different. After making rice for many, many years I have finally perfected it so here it is.
Note: Making rice is like baking, you have to be precise so don't change anything... I am very passionate about my rice, sorry!

1 TBSP olive oil
1 cup rice
2 cups water (heated 2 minutes in the microwave)
1 tsp salt

In a medium pan with a tight fitting lid add the oil over high heat.
Add the rice and simmer 3 minutes until very hot and the rice is translucent.
Add the tsp salt to the hot water, mix well and add to the rice (being careful it will splash a bit)
Stir quickly 1 second and leave it alone until water is mostly absorbed you will begin to see little holes in the rice (remember to leave on high heat and do not stir)Place a piece of foil over the pan (to secure no steam escapes) and then cover with the tight fitting lid.
Reduce heat to the lowest setting and cook for 22 minutes (DO NOT OPEN OR DISTURB THE RICE DURING THE 22 MINS)
Once the timer rings uncover, remove the foil and gently fluff with a fork, turn off the heat, cover again and let sit 5 minutes. Serve.

Tip: 1 cup raw rice equals 3 cups cooked

Servings: 4

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