Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Granadilla (pronounced grah-nah-dee-jah)

This is my all time favorite fruit.... commonly known in Colombia as 'mocos de carbonero' which translates to 'coal miners buggers' lovely right? I don't mean to turn you off of this delectable fruit but it is not exported and if you can, you will only find the juice so you are safe! It has a lot of seeds that are wrapped in the actual fruit and it is like nothing you have ever fragrant and tasty....
The idea here is that you crack it open on your head and then you can open it up - I am sure a counter top works just as well but here you do it on your head....Then you just proceed to suck out the insides.....yes there is nothing dainty about eating this fruit just stick your mouth into the hole and suck..... you don't really bite either (the seeds are bitter) and then swallow... If you are reluctant to look like an animal eating this beautiful fruit you can also get juices ready made - which do all of the fun work for you.

My mom once told me that if I swallowed a seed, a tree would grow inside me.....has anyone else heard that? Well I can safely say no tree has grown inside me - so digesting seeds are not a problem....which is great because most fruits here have a ton of seeds.

'The name granadilla is derived from the Spanish-language noun granadilla, which was originally the diminutive of granada (pomegranate/Punica granatum), the name of another plant with similar fruits and similar tasting seeds that is not closely related to granadillas. The granada, in turn, was called so because of the grains/seeds of its fruits.'

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