Friday, November 26, 2010

Pepinos - What are they?

It is said that a pepino is a cucumber but clearly this one is not, the actual translation is a pepper but again it is not a pepper. I have only seen it here in Colombia and it has a tatse to die for. You can stuff them like you would peppers/tomatoes or slice it up and saute in a bit of butter and cream. I took the picture of the stuffed 'pepinos' before my mom poured on the white sauce because after that you can't tell what it is....nor do you yummers!

This is one of the few things I have googled and 'still' can't find an answer...what is this strange, delicious, slipper looking vegetable???? Is it only known here in Colombia? I think so ...and I would be happy if it was served at every meal....yesterday I could have stuffed my turkey in good!

I love the food in many variations and so simple....because the food here is down home.. no frills, not fancy just GOOD!
Let me correct myself... we are spending Thanksgiving in Colombia...the food has a lot of frills and it is very fancy....(mom stop twisting my arm :) Other than the last 16 hrs in the kitchen, it's no fuss..... really no fuss...

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