Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hooray For Good Genes...

I love to cook and try to eat healthy BUT I know I really don't. Last weekend I knew I was going to spend the weekend alone so I did what most people would have done. I made a big batch of chicken enchiladas and ate that for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner..all 4 days, it was a long weekend for me.
The basic ingredients are flour tortillas, chicken, lots of cheese, Cheese whiz and even more sour cream, not a single vegetable to be seen.
Knowing that was all I was going to eat for 4 days I did try to make it a bit healthier by adding some fresh spinach.
One thing I learned is that there are certain recipes you don't mess with when they are already perfect....the spinach did not work and altered the taste somehow, by Day Two I was picking out the spinach, leaving only a little green mound on my plate.

The last time I spent a weekend alone it was a lot of frozen pizzas same MO...breakfast, lunch and dinner.... 4 days.....that can't be good!

I do have high cholesterol but I should be at least twice my weight with the amount I eat and my sporadic almost non existent exercise regime - all I have to say is thank you to whoever makes that possible. I will be FORTY in less than two months so I realize I am tempting fate, I have to get moving before it's too late.

I would have posted a picture of the chicken enchiladas but they were gone too soon, yes 4 days no photo hence the spinach picture...these enchiladas are the best comfort food after Mac N' Cheese and my all time favorite PIZZA...thin crust - Margherita Style Oh my....yummers.

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